Colors: Green, Pink, Purple, Black & White

Books: Biographies and Art

Favorite Scent: Hermes - Caleche and Vanilla

Flower: Rose

Furnishings: Oriental accents, sculptures, rattan & great junk!

Beverages: Good coffee and herb teas.

Foods: Beef (Yes, I know! But in moderation.)

Junk Foods: Doughnuts and any pastries, and I'm a freak for trying any unusual breads. DARK CHOCOLATES!

Vacation Spots: France, Italy and any place I haven't been to before. I must go back to the Orient someday. I was there during the Vietnam War; what an experience!!!

Motion Pictures: Auntie Mame (I'd love to do the play some day!), Gone With The Wind and all of the Godfather flicks.

Sports: Golf, Ping Pong, and I still have a love for horseback riding and snorkling and do it when I can.

Games To Play: Stupid Bridge, it's sort of Bridge you can play with more than 4 people and gamble on. Easy to learn, and it's a hoot!

Comedians Who Make Me Laugh: Steve Allen, Jerry Seinfeld and Mike Myers.

Music:Whatever fits the mood! '40s and '50s standards, romantic, Broadway tunes, some Country Western and Oriental meditation music to relax by. I fall down for Christmas music!

Things I Crave: Chocolate and privacy.

My Way To Chill Out: Walking around exploring parts of New York City that are new to me. Window shopping with a coffee in my hand, observing all the people. All of Manhattan is a virtual stage! No kidding!




And of course, my most
favorite leisure activity is golf
with patient, understanding friends!
But make sure to protect your
lovely skin from the sun, darlings.
There are ways, more on that later...