This irks me......A Lot!!!

The high, high.....very high heeled sexy shoes, that it seems every woman in the world can somehow manage to wear.....but me. Ahcckkkkk! They are so cool and make your legs look very shapely, fantastic! I however, would have to wear them only while sitting at the cocktail table, dangling my legs. Then I'd have to change into my comfortable yet sensible granny slippers to walk across the blinking room for a beverage refill, a munchie or whatever I needed. I mean really!!! Can't shoe manufactures design a sexy low heeled shoe, wide enough for the average somewhat worn, older......(OK, lets reword that).....experienced woman's foot?!? Let's all say a prayer to the "Foot Goddess!!! No woman in charge can deny this kind of prayer. Right?!?

And Another Thing......

If I read another horoscope that seems to have nothing to do with me, I will scream! It's very disconcerting that one day it's right on and the next day it's sooooo off! I really hate it when they confuse me beyond my normal state of confusion! We might as well just write our own silly horoscope! Right?......Come to think of it, this is what shrinks and all the know-it-all books say to do. They call it......affirmations! Yes! Besides, I don't really trust their predictions anyway, so I read two astrological forecasts because I am on the cusp, or border of the signs. Then of course I pick the one I like best and go on with the day. Phooey to them for thinking I'll let the zodiac rule my life or classify my character traits! Yeaaaaa!......What do you think?

And Another-Nother Thing!!!

Cheap dental floss.It gets frayed and the tiniest little frazzle of string is caught between your teeth, driving you crazy until the next time you eat again. Thank goodness I want to eat all the time!

And now.......Another little thing.....a quickie list.

Bras......All of them!!! Ucccchhh!

Friends, who call to see how "you" are, and then never shut upwhen it comes to talking about themselves.

Advisors who say; "Well.....this is a 50/50 situation." Big Deal!!! So one needs an advisor for that?!? I'll flip my own coin, thank you very much!


"Wait...I'm just getting started!...More to come, and that's a promise!!"